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A SIMPLE SILVER SETTING WITH FOLDED EDGES IN THE CORNERS TO HOLD THIS LOVING RHODONITE GEMSTONE AS A BROACH !                           SO IT CAN BE  PLACED CLOSE THE HART  FOR MAXIMUM BENEFITS !                                                                                                                                                           THIS UNIQUE BROACH IS 2.5 CM LONG AND 3.7 CM WIDE

Rhodonite crystals are known for their capacity to bring emotional healing and to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra.

They have a strong heart based energy, that has a useful healing vibration to help with relationship problems.

By its action to stimulate acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others, it helps to bring peace to troubled relationships.

These stones are an excellent balancer of the emotions, and during traumatic times, this stone can be used to calm you. Having a piece on your body, may help to stop you from taking action when you are feelingangry, fearful and panicky when traumatic events are unfolding in your life.

The energy of this stone also helps you to discover innate talents that you may not have been aware of… and work out the best way to utilize them. Use them in meditation to help you to discover where your destiny lies.

The soft pink energy of Rhodonite is associated with emotional healing. Rhodonite can clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past and enable forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. It aids in fulfilment of your highest potential, builds confidence and alleviates confusion.

Rhodonite can be placed on the Heart Chakrato stimulate, clear and activate it. It is also said to be beneficial for skin complaints, healing cuts and wounds and reducing scarring.


Astrological sign: Taurus

Rhodonite comes from the Greek word “Rhodon” meaning rose. The black inclusions in rhodonite are a result of  the oxidation of  manganese, one of its minerals.  Rhodonite represents the energy of love and our desire to love and be loved.

 Rhodonite, the stone for our heart stimulates and energizes our heart chakra. while it relays a message of unconditional love.  Rhodonite is good for balancing our yin yang energy and our Earth’s energies as well.

This is a stone that provides us with gentle and calm assurances and helps us achieve our highest and best potential. This pinkish beauty encourages generosity and kindness and a spirit of brotherhood towards humanity. Rhodonite helps remove our anxieties and provide us with a good self worth.

Beneficial for liver damage, joint inflammation, heart issues, arthritis, strep throat, light sensitivity, weight loss, detoxification and purification of the body.Hardness: 5.5 – 6.5

Rhodonite is about our self worth and understanding our life’s purpose. This is one very helpful stone for stressful situations providing relief with separations, journeys, moves or new jobs. Keep these little gems in your pocket to help with life’s tense situations.

Interesting Tidbit: In 1979,  rhodonite was made the official gemstone of Massachusetts, considered to be the most beautiful gemstone in that state.