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ON THIS TECHNIC I USED FIBRES OF A PLANT WHICH I HAVE PROCESSED AND MADE INTO SOLID SILVER ABLE TO HOLD AND EMBRACE ANY  GEM STONE  IN A VERY UNIQUE EARTHY NATURAL WAY!! IT IS A DESIGN THAT I USE IN COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT GEMSTONES.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                IT IS 3 CM LONG AND 6.5 CM WIDE

The presence of a star is one of the most remarkable phenomena encountered in the world of colored gemstones. This optical occurrence is quite rare, being only found in a very small percentage of the sapphires mined around the world. Top grade star sapphires are very popular with collectors.

Diopside is used by healers to assist in regeneration after a surgery or physical trauma. Women experiencing menopause find it helpful in calming the emotions and physical changes. It is used as an aid in healing after a heart attack or other heart troubles. It has been used for regeneration to heal the lungs from damage caused by smoking.Black diopside is used to establish a connection and grounding with the earth,

Traditionally Black Star Diopside is believed to help heal trauma, partly by bringing cleansing to tears. Because of this, it has sometimes been referenced to as the crying stone. It can help alleviate aggression and stubbornness and is said to be related to love, commitment, and the inner heart. It is also said to bring creativity to the wearer.

Physically Black Star Diopside is believed to heal the heart, lungs, and the circulatory system. It is also believed to aid with psychological disorders and weaknesses.

In ancient times, one popular black star sapphire myth was that it held protective qualities against evil and people would use them to protect themselves from malicious spirits. The star that is reflected from the needles within the stone represents destiny, hope and faith. Sapphire is the birthstone for those who are born in September and on the Zodiac chart it is the stone of Taurus.

Abbes Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), a gemstone fanatic who extolled the virtues of various stones, claimed that regularly licking the surface of a sapphire would expel the negative juices from the body that hinder the intellect, thereby making the person in question more intelligent.

Chakras – Base Chakra
Typical colours – black

A grounding stone, Black Star awakens our kundalini power.  It soothes fears at a very deep level and is widely used to ward off the evil eye.  When meditating, Black Star can unlock deeply held secrets to reveal the mysteries of magic to our conscious mind.  It helps us to understand our failures as stepping stones to success.  Black Star improves intellect and brings practicality to mathematical and analytical abilities.  It aids physical and mental health by taking away the negative energy of the chakra on which it is worn.

Black Star helps muscle spasms and treats colon problems, colitis and ulcers.